Thursday, 6 May 2010

A worrying thought

Mrs QO and I have had our go with the stubby pencils - good to see a queue at the polling station, though a little tedious to find another queue at the bar as soon as we'd got into the pub having done the democracy thing. Clearly democracy means the same to many of our neighbours as it does to us. Can't fault 'em, of course.

I was idly reviewing my blog posts and events of the last couple of days and a thought occurred to me. I mentioned the Greek financial crisis, and the next day three people were killed in the riots in Athens. Yesterday I made a passing reference to Nigel Farage, and today his plane crashed.

I do hope there isn't a 'Curse of the Quizzical Observer' at work. That would be terrible... I'd have to be so careful who I mentioned.

Anyway, I just wanted to have a word about Simon Cowell...

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