Friday, 21 May 2010

Further thought needed, I suggest

Now, apart from an occasionally regrettable media moment, David Milibanana strikes me as quite an able man, he's young and personable enough to cut it in today's image-obsessed politics, he's held down the job of Foreign Secretary without starting any (new) wars - Labour could do worse.

Whoever it is, though, will have a real job on their hands. DM said in a leadership speech:

"New Labour isn't new any more. What I'm interested in is next Labour."

Next Labour?

I'd suggest the first thing Labour need to do is sort out who they are and when they're going to be who they think and say they are. At the moment, nobody seems too sure. Some are calling for a full reverse of the New Labour thinking, and are presumably forgetting that until Kinnock started the modernising work that Blair continued, the party was unelectable for years. Clause IV, anyone?

Ah well, it will be interesting to see.

Have a good weekend, I'm off to meet some of the rare people who drink as much as I do.

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