Wednesday, 5 May 2010

So... here we go

Election day tomorrow. I sort of intended to ignore the campaign as far as the blog went, but I couldn't help myself - I've got seriously interested. And my feeling is that the country has got more seriously interested this time too; there's a definite buzz in the air. That's a good thing for our country, whatever the result. It's like the old days when I were a nipper and everyone who wasn't a complete boring old numpty tuned into the Morecambe and Wise Show, then talked about it the next day. Only the jokes aren't quite so good, and I haven't seen Andre Previn on the stump, but you can't have everything.

Another good thing - and probably the root cause of the first - is that it seems as if real political shifts are taking place. Again, whatever the result, I think this is a healthy thing, and I may be able to park my plan to engage the electorate by paying celebrities to air political issues:

Britney Spears: "Oh, well, like, you know, I just adore i-Dave, he's like sooo on top of reducing the State and devolving power to local communities. And kinda cute, y'know?" *giggle*
Jedward: "Yup, Nick Clegg's our elder brother. He loves our music almost as much as he loves breaking the old two-party paradigm and offering a real political alternative. Vote for him and us!"
Coleen Rooney: "Eh, 'annit been a great season, laik, chuck? All we need now is for Gordon to get back into power and not threaten the economic recovery with hasty cuts in public spending. Gorraluvim!"
Lord Webber: "Nigel, you could be Dorothy."

Yeah, I know, that would be funnier if the Tories hadn't beaten me to it with Michael Caine. Oh well. Wha'eva.

Incidentally, make what you will of the order in which I placed the parties there, and the fact that some of them weren't included. You don't need a licence to receive Channel Observer, I don't have to give equal airtime to everyone, so suck it up. No overt statement from me, nor any endorsement of any candidate in any constituency should be inferred. OK, given that you'll know by now that I'm obsessing about cuts in public spending, you may have your suspicions. But that will - as far as the blog is concerned - remain a matter between my conscience and the ballot-box.

I will, though, make a heartfelt plea to anyone who reads this and is contemplating not voting to go out there and do so. Things are really, really serious out there, partly because too few of us have kept ourselves informed and made our voice heard to our representatives. Do what Mrs QO and I plan to do - go out around 6pm, exercise your mandate (big hairy thing, needs a lot of exercise), then bugger off to the pub.

Tomorrow, I shall stop being so pompous and pontificatory. I promise. Unless I found out you didn't vote, in which case... out you go, you're barred.

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