Friday, 22 January 2010

The to-do list

1. Investigate the possibilities of the washing machine for preparing large quantities of food (NB to self: suggest leaving clothes out of preliminary trials).

2. Instruct lawyer (Blaggitt, Scrote LLP) to dispute bill from electricity supplier. This purely as cover, while executing covert hack of electricity supplier mainframe to eliminate record.

3. Listen to more Elgar.

4. See if Mrs QO will invite Lena for tea. (Suspect not, at least not while she's packing heat. A shame.)

5. Buy more parsnips. They're getting restive. No, not the parsnips, you fool.

6. Construct and consume a large dry martini.

7. Listen out for chaffinches. The great tits are singing, so it won't be long.

8. Talking of Nurse Desirée... what to do with this phone number?

9. Get more sleep, during which we may hope the subconscious can find a half-way feasible way out of the plot cul-de-sac in which we currently languish.

10. Consider whether it's time to do a different kind of blog entirely. Ooo-er.

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