Wednesday, 14 April 2010

It's a funny old world - episode 488

I make no judgement on this one. I merely Observe. Well, OK, you got me, of course I make a judgement, I'm just not expressing it. I'll leave it as an exercise for the reader.

A little background. The world's population is growing fast. Scarcity of resources will become obvious very soon even in the developed world, and will at the very least lead to severe international tension if not outright conflict. Depending on who you believe, we may have already passed 'peak oil'. Antibiotic resistance grows apace. The developing world is busily trying to join the nuclear club. A long-term future for the human race is likely to involve having some of us off this increasingly threatened planet.

Meanwhile, a young lady called Britney Spears sings lightweight pop music and is photographed a lot.

Compare and contrast, if you will, these two headlines from today's Mail Online, with particular reference to how much public attention is suggested by the number of comments.

1. Neil Armstrong blasts Barack Obama over 'devastating' cuts to Nasa's plan to return to Moon
Comments [12]

2. Britney Spears bravely agrees to release un-airbrushed images of herself next to the digitally-altered versions
Comments [307]

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