Monday, 19 April 2010

Bless my soul, whatever next?

These have been installed in the loos round our local, and what a fantastic idea they are. As any male knows (and most females suspect), there's little so much fun as having something to aim for while... er... micturating. To have a little goal, with a little ball that one can try and get back into the goal, turns a duty into a veritable pleasure, and I salute the inventor. And I salute whoever it was that had the cojones to go up to a finance manager and explain that they wanted the dosh to put the production line onto miniature goals for gents' urinals.

I was so taken I had to drink another couple of pints so I could have another go. This may, of course, be the fiendish plan behind them. Well, why not? Pubs need our support. Given the fine weather this weekend, quite a number of the better pubs round here had a significant amount of support from Mrs QO and myself. Modesty forbids me to mention the number of pints consumed (she cracks on a bit, does the wife) but I feel we've done our bit to boost the local hostelry trade for a while. And my goal difference is looking good too.

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