Monday, 11 July 2011

Latest in the phone-hacking scandal...

At a packed press conference this morning, Max Clifford announced that Ms Katie Price had commenced legal action against News International because her name had not so far been mentioned in the phone-hacking media coverage.

Said Mr Clifford: "It's outrageous in this day and age that the press can just fail to hack somebody as famous as Katie. She's a lovely girl, whom I've known since she was a 34-A, and she's distraught and distressed and will be pressing for punitive damages."

An ex-News of the World editor and current chief executive of News International, who didn't want to give her name, remarked off the official record that of course Katie Price's phone had been hacked, but there were only so many times you could print "yeah, like, right, cool babe", especially when there were dead teenagers, soldiers and terrorist bomb victims available.

Meanwhile a spokesman for the Sunday Times said that the whole notion of hacking a celebrity like Katie Price was deeply offensive. The Sunday Times had standards, and only hacked Prime Ministers and royalty.

The case is ongoing.


  1. I've noticed the Beckhams don't seem to have featured in the list yet either.

    Surely can't be too long before Channel 5 has a Top 50 Most Hacked Celebrities programme and then we'll see who's really important.

  2. I like the idea of the Top 50 Hacked celebs, but since Richard Desmond of the Express owns Channel 5, I suspect he might not want to get too close!