Monday, 1 November 2010

Fuel economy

Having spent much of the weekend blamelessly clocking up pedestrian miles and less blamelessly dropping into licensed premises for beer, I thought I'd see what sort of economy I'm getting. A moment with the calculator reveals a figure of 10.9 miles per gallon.

Now that's not great. Even my old Jag XJS, with its 5.3 litres of V12 thirst, managed better than that.

And let's not even mention my emissions. Suffice to say Mrs QO has views and I fear a thorough service may be in order before long.


  1. Fuel economy can be adveresly affected by the type and grade of fuel. It's well known that over consumption of four-star can affect both distance travelled and, oddly enough, steering. You should probably try unleaded.

  2. You don't mean.... lager??? I'd rather walk...