Monday, 22 March 2010

We don't do cool as well as we used to

Now, just consider this image of Steve McQueen and Ali MacGraw. Today's anti-fun wonks would be all over that like a rash. Smoking? And drinking? In a bath deep enough to drown in? Heavens. Was that even legal back then?

Yes, and still is. But I suspect it won't be for long. Oh, I know, being 'cool' like this shortens one's life. So we should all stop any such activity, and look forward to an extra three or four years of incontinence in the old people's home. That'll be nice. Only another four hours of sitting in this damp chair and we can have a cup of Horlicks.


  1. Of course today the legality of the activity might depend on whether that bath was in a 'substantially enclosed' public space in the UK...

  2. Are you forgetting David Beckham and James Cordon in the bath together on Friday night for Sports Relief? Two men!!! That wouldn't have been allowed in the days when Steve and Ali were smoking in the tub. They'd have been put in jail.

  3. @ Anon: quite so. And from what I read in the papers today, it's likely that soon one won't be able to have a drink and a smoke in the bath with Ali MacGraw in one's own car. Now that's an infringement of liberty too far, in my book.

    @ Artistricky: you're right, though to my mind either of those guys might have got away with it on the 'I'm actually a big girl' defence.