Friday, 26 March 2010


'Never underestimate the power of human stupidity' - now there's a mistake I haven't made in years. Nonetheless, from time to time something comes along that leaves even me taken aback by its witlessness.

In May 2008, a 16-year-old girl called Hayley Adamson was killed when hit by a police car which was driving at over 90mph, with no lights or sirens. I don't make any comment about the incident itself, other than to note the driver was sent to prison.

No, what has me scratching my head is that Northumbria Police put themselves forward for the Chartered Institute of Public Relations PRide Award last year for its media handling of the case.


I've had plenty of dealings with media and PR types before (one of the reasons I drink too much) but... but... this is made of wrong. What diseased imagination could think this was a good idea? It's bad enough that the CIPR handed out an award in this case - could these professional media and PR wonks not see how this would play? But what on earth possessed Northumbria Police?

Chief Constable Sue Sim
says: 'officers and staff were involved in minimising inappropriate, speculative or inaccurate reporting; working with the family to try to limit the impact of constant harassment by the media and reassuring the local community. This work was singled out for praise by the CIPR.'

You know what? I believe we have too many laws already, but perhaps we could squeeze one more in. Any senior police officer who mentions 'reassuring the local community' should be summarily dismissed. That's it. End of. The 'community' will be greatly reassured thereby, knowing that a fatuous idiot has been removed from a publically-funded position, allowing real police officers to get on with their job.

Time for a drink.

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