Tuesday, 16 February 2010

All kinds of wrong

And now we have... for no adequately explored reason...

'Computer engineer Barbie'.

What on earth? How long do we think Barbie would last in the world of techie dweebs, looking like that? OK, the glasses are pleasantly nerdy, and we kinda like the binary code on the clingy top... but a pink laptop? In fact, pink anything? For a techie? Anyone who's ever worked with computers knows that you have to wear black. Even a Linux server will fall over if approached by anyone wearing bright colours, and pink will take down Exchange at 50 paces.

And the hair. Now, a male techie can get away with long hair, though preferably in a pony-tail. But a female techie can't. Obviously.

Another problem area. The smile. The only people who "work in IT" who smile are trainers. They don't really work in IT, of course, they work in education. So that's another strike, right there.

And the clingy leggings. Oh yeah, those are going to be so suitable for crawling round the office under desks and over partitions, tracing the cat5 back to the switch.

Above all, she's way too attractive. It's part of the deal that IT people aren't attractive. God knows Lusers are bad enough at disturbing the IT department when the support person that eventually and grudgingly arrives looks like a bag of spanners dressed in famine relief offcasts. Just imagine the flood of work tickets if the punters could summon her to attend to their issues?

Back to the drawing board for someone.

Now, this seemed more realistic.


  1. Computer Tech Barbie looks a little like Lady Penelope. Is there a pattern emerging here?

    Social Realism Barbie (Barbie Pramface-Scrounger, one of the Essex Pramface-Scroungers, a cadet branch of the Workshy-Layabouts, if I mistake me not), should I feel be toting a bottle of Lambrini and a Family Value Pack ("Bigger Pack, Better Value!!") of Turkey Twizzlers.

  2. It would be a brave analyst to identify a pattern from a dataset of two. Mind you, I was considering a post on Melody Angel (the dear girl) from Captain Scarlet, so you may be able to gather more evidence before long.

    And Turkey Twizzlers! Sadly defunct, since 'Luvly Jubbly' Jamie dissed them so brusquely in 2005. However, for the diehard fan, there is a Facebook page which you can find should you search. The first two posts read as follows:

    "Turkey twizzlers asks ur friends 2 join please"

    "Turkey twizzlers r lush yeyeyeye"

    And I think that tells us everything we need to know. 'By their fruits ye shall know them.'