Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Here we go again

It seems like everyone and their cat has a blog these days. It's not so much that I've been resisting trying it out, more a case of 'couldn't be bothered'. I first dipped my mouse into the internet back in 1996 and fairly promptly became a signed-up member at Bianca. (For those who don't know about Bianca, let's just say it was the internet Wild West.) I was also at the pre-Beeb h2g2 for quite a while. And other places, under various names (including this one, which I resurrect out of nostalgia). I spent some considerable time 'missing, believed on the internet', grabbing odd hours of sleep and generally neglecting my long-suffering wife. And racking up some enormous phone bills. We didn't have broadband back in the day...

So in some sense I'd got things out of my system, and have watched the blogging and social networking explosion with a somewhat jaundiced eye and little urge to join in. However, I've decided to have a go. Partly because it's a rather enjoyable and cheap form of intellectual onanism, and also because it may be that my wife starts a blog to showcase her considerable talents in textiles. As the joke IT consultant of the family, I may be called upon to help, and incompetence is not a good thing in a husband. Even a joke one.

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