Thursday, 10 March 2011

Getting a grip

The last month has been a very busy time, though not so busy that I couldn't have posted once or twice, I must admit. There's been a surplus of material and a lack of impetus... Mrs QO has had a significant birthday and the arrangements for the celebrations (and the clear-up operations) have been quite time-consuming. Work has also been available, and one has to do it when it is. My contributions to the 'Big Society' - which have been going on for 10 years or more before the bloody stupid label was dreamt up - have required some attention. Over and above all that, I've been getting interested and/or worked up about so many things going on that I've spent the spare time available at the end of the working day reading round various issues without making any comment here. I have managed one or two grumpy posts on some of my fellow bloggers' pages, laying down the law like a bad-tempered old git, but have neglected those few benighted souls who check in here regularly.

Sorry, guys.

By way of recompense, while I gather my thoughts, here are some gratuitous images. If you don't find any of these attractive, you don't belong in the human race.

Just saying.


  1. The chocolate cake does it for me. I'm not sure what this says about my state of mind but then I don't really care; just pass me a knife.

  2. Fair enough, I'd dive into the cake too. And all the others are favourites in various degrees. I had a Jag XJS for a couple of years - an elderly one - when I went through a 'more money than sense' phase :)