Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Ton up

It seems that this is my 100th post. Well, don't that beat all... I only started this so as to learn something about blogging so I could help Mrs QO put up a site all about her craft-work, sell shedloads of stuff and make a ton of money. That was the cunning plan; what's happened is that there have been 99 outbursts of mental incontinence here, and Mrs QO's blog has still to see the light of day. Ah well. Such is life, and that's more or less how our plans have worked out for the best part of a decade. Go with the flow, we say, and pour another drink.

Despite the enervating heat, we have managed (between drinks) to get somewhat ready for the first camping trip of the year. This is always a bit of a trial, requiring as it does hauling many tons of equipment from their overwinter storage space and then 'fettling' them into some sort of order. It is at this point that I recall failing to do the planned 'end of camping season' fettling session last autumn, so last year's mud, flat batteries and empty paraffin lamps have to be dealt with. Or maybe not, we're not fussy campers. Fortunately we will be camping on a folk festival site, so food, water, showers etc are all laid on, and there's a fully-stocked town within easy reach. It's not as if we're going to be in Antarctica. There will be good music, good friends, and plenty of time in the meditation suite.

The weather will make its own mind up - at this time of year it could do anything. We are prepared for anything, of course, with drinks to suit all climatic conditions. Thirst-slaking beers for blazing sun, wine for the turn of the day as the sun dips over the treeline, whisky for the slight chill that comes on as Orion wheels overhead, and brandy for when it snows. Or even if it doesn't. Other emergency equipment always to hand includes at least two flavours of Pot Noodle, a guitar and a super-disreputable friend camping next door. (You know who you are.) All contingencies are therefore covered.

I leave you - since we're on the subject of cetaceans - with this wonderful image of a southern right whale trying to hitch a ride on a yacht, to the startlement of all concerned. No whales or humans harmed, though the yacht will need a bit of work, it seems.


  1. In the interests of keeping nature in balance, is there a Southern Left Whale, a Northern Right Whale or perhaps a Western Wrong Whale... or am I expecting too much of evolution (or of the scientists who name animals)?

  2. PS - Congratulations on your century of posts.

  3. Thank you, Alan - and good point about those whales. Certainly the one pictured was more wrong than right...